Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Rug Cleaning


The unique colors and designs of Oriental rugs add a special character to our homes. However, the delicate materials and inks used in these rugs require a special type of cleaning for them to last and to retain character and value. Here is why Oriental rugs should only be cleaned by specially trained professionals.

The Challenges of Oriental Rug Cleaning 

The maintenance of expensive Oriental rug deserves an expert touch. Regular foot traffic in your home brings dust, dirt, and other substances that soil rugs. Even ordinary care may put a strain on the materials. For example, advanced dust removal systems provide a far better system than clapping or shaking a rug to remove dirt, and these advanced systems cause less stain to the materials.

Shampooing and other types of machine washing may also have a negative impact on Oriental rugs by leaving soap behind. It would be reasonable to believe a freshly cleaned carpet will stay in good shape for a long time, but shampoos and common soaps actually attract dirt and debris to rugs. Fortunately, innovations in rug cleaning have allowed people to create a system that removes dirt without having a negative impact on Oriental rugs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Expert Hands

The process of cleaning an Oriental rug properly is an art form.

Before the no-residue cleaning process begins, technicians identify stains and the problem area on the rug. Following the inspection, an automated duster is used to remove dirt particles with compressed air rather than manipulating the rug with force. Afterward, the rugs are delicately washed in a huge tank without scrubbing and then rinsed in a centrifuge that reduces the possibility of shrinkage or color fading.

Green Cleaning That Protects Valuable 

Premier Oriental Rug Cleaners technicians carefully groom and spray rugs with eco-friendly coating to wrap up the master cleaning process. Throughout the many steeps of Oriental rug cleaning, there are no shampoos or harsh chemicals used, so you don’t have to worry about any negative impact on your family, pets, or the environment. It is as green as it is effective.

This advanced cleaning system is an excellent approach if you hope to preserve the value and character of Oriental rugs. This specialized cleaning means the dyes in your rugs will not run, while use of empowered water as the cleaning agent ensures there are no residues that bring dirt back into your rugs.

The Premier Oriental Rug Cleaners can restore the beauty of you Oriental rugs. When it is time for a cleaning, choose a certified expert care.



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