How Often Clean Rugs?

Whether you’ve had your rug for just a few years or it’s been passed down from generation to generation it is a beautiful work of art and with the right care could last you a lifetime. Your rug is the element that ties everything in the room together, and you want to make sure you take great care of it. So, you may be wondering, how often should I get my rugs cleaned?

Luckily, it doesn’t require a ton of maintenance like washing your car every month, but it does involve a bit of upkeep. In fact, we recommend that you get your rug cleaned at least every 3-5 years, so that you maintain the vibrancy of your rug’s colors and remove all dirt that may have been tracked in over the years to help prevent wear of the pile.

To preserve your rug’s value and beauty we recommend that your rug be cleaned by a professional.

Everything About Tufted Rugs?

In this short video, we'll talk about tufted rugs.

You'll learn what they are, how they're made and you'll also discover these rugs have some common issues.

  • Tufted vs. Woven Rugs
  • Common Tufted Rug Issues
  • Manufacturing Differences
  • Manufacturing Process and Faults
  • Odor Issues and Tufted Rugs
  • Mildew Issues
  • Latex Backing Examined

What Mistakes Cleaners Make?

In this short video, we'll discuss the two mistakes that most rug owners make that severely shortens the life of their rugs.

The mistakes are easy to avoid, and by watching this video you'll know how to avoid them and keep your rugs looking great, lasting as long as they possibly can.

  • General Activity / Soil Examined
  • Quality of Materials in Manufacturing
  • Foot Traffic
  • Are You Vacuuming Enough?
  • Are You Vaccuming Properly?
  • Rug Wearing Explained
  • Tips to Prevent Wear


How to clean viscose rug?

In this short video, we'll discuss about viscose rugs and how to clean them.

Take your valuable viscose, art silk, bamboo silk, banana silk to the professional; rug cleaners. 4 major drawbacks of viscose:

  • Viscose can shed
  • Viscose came bleed
  • Viscose can yellow
  • Viscose can mat