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Barrington Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

When you need rug cleaning in Barrington – call Premier Oriental Rug Cleaning! We understand needs and preferences of our clients, and we are always flexible to provide you with the best services! We will take care of any of you rug and we will return it to you in its best condition. Our Barrington rug cleaners use only special rug shampoos to restore the softness of fibers, latest machines to make a deep cleaning and professional approach to return your rug to a new life. We offer FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY to all our customers, so you don’t have to spend your time rolling up you rugs, our technicians will be able to answer any of your questions and provide you with helpful information!

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Have you recently had pet accidents on your rug? If yes, no reasons to worry about! At Barrington rug cleaning place we will apply special treatment to remove urinated stains and even pet odor. We can also apply protection on your rug, as well as deodorizer. If you like your rug and would like to prolong its life – just give a call!

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Are Your Rugs Dusty & Filthy
Carpets Aren't The Only Flooring That Needs Professional Cleaning.


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*If you would like to send us any pictures related to your quote you can attach the files and send it to us with your estimate request. Or for a FASTER QUOTE: text stain pictures to: (773) 501-1542
How to get the most accurate price on a cleaning?
Please feel free to add more info in the Estimate form regarding the required service, such as sizes of rugs, number of rooms, rooms sizes, carpet condition, carpet approx. sq.ft. and etc.

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