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When it comes to rug cleaning service, Winnetka rug cleaners will resolve any soiling trouble on a very professional level! Premier Oriental Rug Cleaning provides highly educated and experienced rug cleaners to make you happy. Every customer is very valuable for us; we always apply all our efforts to clean your rug in a perfect way. Rugs that we have are so different: big, small, wool or synthetic, hand-made, or even antique, but all of these still have chance to get another life!

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To clean rug we are using special non-toxic solutions, we are also able to eliminate pet odor, urinated stains and mold. Time goes fast, but not for our rugs. Clean rug always looks good, and it prevents allergic reactions. All our cleaning options are safe for you, your family and pets. You can get your estimate by phone; just give us a call at (847) 847-2004.

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Are Your Rugs Dusty & Filthy
Carpets Aren't The Only Flooring That Needs Professional Cleaning.


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*If you would like to send us any pictures related to your quote you can attach the files and send it to us with your estimate request. Or for a FASTER QUOTE: text stain pictures to: (773) 501-1542
How to get the most accurate price on a cleaning?
Please feel free to add more info in the Estimate form regarding the required service, such as sizes of rugs, number of rooms, rooms sizes, carpet condition, carpet approx. sq.ft. and etc.

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